Nexstar Academy of the Performing Arts

Welcome to the most advanced teaching method of the performing arts and entertainment industry. This state of the art 360 concept combines hands on experience and trade secret knowledge with advanced and continued education. Our customized clinics and programs are taught by world class icons and professionals.

Registration is now open. Space is limited! We provide programs that will teach you how to build, and personally oversee your set goals in the areas of art & music performance, dance, vocal training and fine arts. Hands on experience for live stage and public performances, touring, dance, choreography, image enhancement, instrumentation, arrangement, orchestration methods, musical direction, and product branding.

There are many variations of art performance and music education. Our techniques are classically based. Top candidates may also gain access to Blues, Pop, Rock, and Country music resources. Celebrity access opportunities for press pack creation, sponsorship networking, products and brand building.

Whether you are just beginning your study of the performing arts or fine arts or have aspirations to be the next greatest superstar, we have uniquely designed programs to assist you in achieving your learning and career goals. Get to know us and scroll through our library of articles, links and programs.

Now Enrolling Space Is Limited – 2015

Basic Program:
Everything starts here with our popular performing arts program designed for kids, teens and young adults who want to have fun while acquiring skills in dance, music, theater, and art. Local, private or group lessons available. You can enroll at the beginning level and work up. Or perhaps you are ready for boot camp below..

Boot Camp
A three, six or nine week intensive performing arts program.

Cowboy Fantasy Camp Study art techniques with one of the best Western Cowboy artists of our time. Experience learning cowboy western art, outdoor events and activities, western cuisine and culture. Get ready to learn art while experiencing the real true west.
Read more in the fine arts section.

Contact us to help determine the best level tailored especially for you.

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